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Weekly Common Space Design Ideas!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Hi Everyone… Today there was a wonderful article about apartment dwellers discovering the incredible communities within their buildings during lockdown. It was inspiring to read about the ways people are getting to know one another and provide support. For me, it highlights the advantages of creating beautiful communal spaces for all to enjoy.

What most may have never considered is that their apartment building’s roof can be converted into a communal space. This can be used to create a rooftop garden, with spaces for people to work, relax, greet the day with some morning yoga, grow herbs or other veggies.

To add the environmentally friendly aspect, solar tiles could charge a battery for power, a water tank could collect water, and shared wireless internet can be installed. Best of all, every apartment owner benefits from the good ol’ dose of Vitamin D from the sun, and an additional privacy area and views! 😊

(for anyone who would like to read the Domain article, here is the link:

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