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The First-Ever Strata Redevelopment Capital Gain and Works Calculator

Updated: Apr 15

Have you ever wondered how to make money from Strata Redevelopment?

Strata Capital Gain and Works Calculator was developed by Next Level Sydney using online software with the consultation and feedback from Strata Managers, CPAs, Real Estate Agents, Town Planners, Property Investors, Buyers Agents, Architects, Council and Property Specialists in order to help property investors and strata managers in answering the following questions:

· Can we sell common area space to fund the upcoming capital works?

· How much is my apartment worth?

· What is the approximate cost to fix up the building?

· Can the owners make any returns from developing into the roof space?

· What the tax implications if I own the property in my personal name or SMSF?

· How much would I be expected to pay for the roof space?

· What the cash flow gain/loss if we develop the apartment block?

· How much are the development costs and consultants?

· What is the fairway to split profits from a strata development?

The above listings are the important questions that I asked myself before I bought my first apartment. I spent lots of time to search for a good property calculator that can estimate the property potential, building cost, capital gain, return on investment, cash flow etc of strata properties but couldn't find one although there were many property investment calculators available at different prices.

In early 2012 I created a strata property calculator in Excel spreadsheet for my own personal use to help me with my client’s developments analysis. I used this calculator workbook on several potential properties located in Sydney. Every property, every idea was filtered through the calculator to streamline the process. By 2016, I had perfected the calculator and wanted to share it with my new potential clients and colleagues to show them the gain or loss of a potential strata development. I hope you like it.

Have questions about a strata development?

If you would like to explore the possibility, contact Warren Livesey for an obligation-free chat on 0415 254 420 or Warren can assist with everything from design to construction, using his vast knowledge and 20+ years of experience. #buyairspace

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