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Save Bondi’s Heritage Buildings

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Bondi’s heritage buildings and landmarks are important reminders of the past and the

culture of our community. For this reason, the conservation of our heritage buildings is very important because they provide a sense of identity and continuity for future generations in a fast-changing world.

Many of these heritage buildings are strata apartment blocks, built between 1930-60.

Their charm and character is instantly recognisable and forms the “character” of the

Bondi streetscapes.

The problem is, they are getting old, with weather and sea salt causing considerable

damage over the years. Additionally, due to the age of these buildings, many are not

compliant with current regulations, such as fire and electrical regulations.

As a result, strata owners are facing the need for major upgrades to their buildings. The

costs are normally astronomical and many simply can’t afford to pay (especially if they

have a mortgage!).

This is when the owners look at selling to developers - meaning the original building is

demolished and replaced with a modern structure. Often, large concrete boxes are built

and the developers walk away with the profits, while the surrounding properties have to

deal with increased noise, higher density and lack of parking.

There is another way...

Often, strata owners are put off from redeveloping the existing building due to the high


What many DON’T realise is that they can pay for the building upgrades, without

having to pay a cent from their own pockets!

As a strata property development specialist, I am able to show owners how they can

return the existing building to its former glory and pay for it by selling off the common

areas, such as redundant stairwells, roof space, courtyards and garden areas. It some cases, an entirely new apartment can be created in the roofspace or shared laundry area, generating a massive cash injection to the strata sinking fund.

This way, the profits go back to the owners and NOT to developers.

Whilst redeveloping the common areas will likely add some bulk and scale to

the building, the heritage features will remain and at the same time, improve the lifestyles of the building occupants.

This simple strategy keeps the developers OUT, whilst keeping Bondi’s heritage IN.

Sound good? Then read on...

What can I do?

Waverley Council's new draft Heritage Assessment is on public exhibition till 10th September 2020.

It includes a new Urban Conservation Area for a part of Bondi Road. This is welcome

but it does not go far enough.

The draft plan only covers from Watson St to Denham St. The whole of Bondi Road

from Park Pde to Denham St needs to be included to ensure heritage integrity. 

We urge you to either:

  1. Fill in the survey below before 10th September and let Council know your concerns - access the survey here.

  2. Send in a written submission to before 10th September:

The General Manager

Waverley Council

PO Box 9

Bondi Junction NSW 1355

Quote the reference number: A20/0261 and state your support for the proposal

for a new Urban Conservation Area on Bondi Road, as well as your support for

extension of the Urban Conservation area from Park Pde to Denham St.

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