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Common types of airspace you can buy in your strata block!

In a strata scheme, various types of airspace can be acquired, each serving different purposes and providing different benefits. Here are some common types of airspaces you might consider purchasing:


1. Rooftop Airspace:

   - Purpose: Often acquired for constructing additional floors, penthouses, or rooftop gardens.

   - Benefits: You can significantly increase the value of your property by adding usable space or amenities.


2. Balcony or Terrace Extension:

   - Purpose: Used to extend an existing balcony or terrace.

   - Benefits: Enhances living space and improves the property's aesthetics and functionality.


3. Overhanging Structures:

   - Purpose: Airspace for overhanging structures such as canopies, awnings, or bay windows.

   - Benefits: Provides architectural features that improve the property's look and utility.


4. Vertical Airspace:

   - Purpose: Space above or below existing units, often used to add additional floors or levels.

   - Benefits: Allows for vertical expansion, using the available space better.


5. Parking Space Airspace:

   - Purpose: Additional height or space above or below parking areas.

   - Benefits: Can be used to add car lifts or additional parking levels, increasing parking capacity.


6. Common Property Airspace:

   Purpose: To use portions of the common property airspace for private use, such as converting a shared rooftop into a private terrace.

   - Benefits: Provides exclusive use areas for individual owners, enhancing property value and appeal.


7. Internal Courtyard Airspace:

   - Purpose: Airspace within an internal courtyard or atrium, often used for constructing balconies or extending living spaces.

   - Benefits: Adds aesthetic and functional value by increasing the living area and providing lighter and ventilation.


8. Commercial Use Airspace:

   - Purpose: Space for signage, billboards, or other commercial purposes.

   - Benefits: Can generate additional income from advertising or leasing the space for commercial use.


Each type of airspace acquisition has its own legal, regulatory, and practical considerations. Working with legal professionals, strata managers, and possibly architects or engineers is essential to ensure the proposed use is feasible and compliant with local laws and strata bylaws.


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