• Warren Livesey

17 Alexander St TAMARAMA Strata Redevelopment Update

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Developers II Owners

Project Manager II Next Level Sydney

Construction Firm II PMD Build

We are in the final stretch and presently choosing the colours to be painted. As with so many other buildings in the Eastern Suburbs, back in the 1930s, the builders did not have access to cement and waterproofing materials as we do nowadays. The buildings were built with lime mortar, river sand and bricks on a shallow foundation bed. The salty ocean air corrodes almost everything including the brick ties connecting the inner and outer wall, external light fittings, balcony and window waterproofing, and sarking (waterproof material in the roof). With every redevelopment opportunity, the repair and continued maintenance to the building is so important.

I am very proud of the owners for biting the bullet and investing back into their buildings. It is going to look amazing, like new and improve their lifestyle so much. Well done team 😊

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