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Exciting investment opportunity with AirPads!

Three ways to invest in
Airspace Real Estate for >$500,000.

💰 Sell rooftop space to a developer to build an

💰 Buy the modular AirPad to build on your strata roof

💰 Buy rooftop space to build your own AirPad

We are delighted to introduce AirPads, a company specialising in modular build-to-rent/sell homes and hybrid home office spaces created using #Ai technology, offering city residents a sustainable and convenient housing option. Our revolutionary approach involves utilizing the rooftop space of apartment owners to construct new modular homes for sale or medium-term rentals, bridging the gap between short-term (Airbnb) and long-term housing solutions.


At AirPads, sustainability is an integral part of our mission. We provide each residence with eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient appliances, water-saving technologies, solar to EV carshare programs, and green spaces, promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle.


We collaborate with strata owners to build new homes in the roof space, with the owners providing the airspace, and we take care of the planning, financing, and building of the new AirPad. We can rent the new AirPad and share the rental income and value created by working together.

Have you ever considered the advantages of Airspace Real Estate #AirPads?

Here are just a few:

🏠 More homes above existing buildings: With the limited space in our urban areas, the housing and rental crisis, airspace real estate allows for more housing units without sacrificing the footprint of existing buildings.

💰 Funds for repairs and sustainability: The development of airspace real estate can provide a significant source of funds for repairing and maintaining existing structures and investment in sustainable technology and practices.

🏗️ Lower cost with modular offsite construction: One of the key advantages of airspace real estate is the ability to use modular offsite construction, significantly reducing the cost of the building compared to traditional construction methods. This also leads to lower build times and fewer inconveniences to existing residents.

👥 Improved quality of life for residents: By utilizing offsite construction methods, the inconvenience and disruption to residents during the construction process is significantly reduced, leading to a better quality of life for those who live in the area.

🌞 Collect solar and rainwater: Rooftop space can collect solar and rainwater, which can then be used to power and irrigate buildings.

🏢 Renew our aging strata buildings: Many buildings are aging and need repairs. Airspace, real estate development, can provide a solution by allowing for new construction and renovations.

🌿 Provide green roofs for culture: Green roofs help with sustainability efforts and provide a space for cultural activities and community events.


♻️ Creates only 10% of the waste than bulldozing and rebuilding.

Let's continue to explore the benefits and potential of airspace real estate to create a more sustainable and vibrant urban environment. 

Get in touch for a free airspace assessment.

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