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"Unlock the potential of your airspace with our next-level 
development solutions.

Buy Airspace provides a unique service that helps strata owners unlock the value of the airspace above their building. By selling this airspace to developers for the construction of new homes or common areas, strata owners can generate revenue that can be used for building repairs, sustainability upgrades, or distributed among residents. Learn more about our services and how we can help you maximize the potential of your strata property on our website.

Realise the potential

We provide the legal and tender-based framework to unlock the value of their existing property and generate revenue from unused airspace. By selling the airspace above their building, strata owners can leverage their property to fund necessary repairs and upgrades or even receive a share of the proceeds.


This can help ensure the building remains in good condition and complies with building codes and regulations.

In addition, developing new homes in the airspace above the existing building can provide much-needed housing in areas where land is limited and generate economic activity and employment opportunities for the local community.

It is important to ensure that agreements or contracts between strata owners and developers are fair and equitable and that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities. This can be achieved through clear communication, transparency, and legal advice.

Overall, working with strata owners to sell airspace to developers can be a win-win solution that benefits both the strata owners and the wider community by unlocking the potential of underutilized space and promoting sustainable development.

Realise the potential

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Sydney is a crowded city and spare land for building much-needed new homes is almost impossible to find. The alternatives have been building out, thereby increasing urban sprawl, or building on green spaces within greater Sydney.


Airspace development in Sydney offers a solution that neatly sidesteps these issues in a way that’s sustainable and smart, and benefits existing communities at the same time.

The roof is a liability that has to be repaired or replaced as part of the Capital Works Plan. Most sinking funds are close to empty and committee go around and around circles trying to raise the funds while kicking the can down the road. By selling the roof space to a third party/developer or having an Airspace expert manage the roof development, it streamlines the process and transfers the airspace into an asset that can be sold. 

The funds can be used to upgrade the building (STCA), and/or distributed between the owners. 


Selling off the airspace unlocks the unused space on existing rooftops in the city.

Australia is poised to admit large numbers of immigrants to kickstart the post-Covid economy, which begs an obvious question – where will all these people live?


One answer might be to take advantage of a growing real estate trend called airspace development.


The New South Wales public service recently advised Premier Dominic Perrottet to admit 2 million immigrants over the next five years in that state alone – which would be the equivalent of adding another Perth to the population.



Opportunity for strata buildings uplifts with undeveloped airspace:


Replace your existing, leaky, heavy concrete tile roofs with a modern green alternative:


- green roofs and walls City of Sydney

- skyport (Aviation hub) - Air travel - Uber Air

- hail, water and fire resistant 

 - solar to battery energy conversion

- rainwater collection capabilities / greywater filtration

Shared space uplift with the sale of airspace:

- uplift communal areas / green gardens

- electric vehicle car share and charging points

- priority car share parking 

- integrated bike parking & charging

- shared 'work from home area' - time share

- shared laundry facilities 

- shared package and post delivery area

- reduce waste by removing letter boxes (soft copy only)

- windows, lighting, fire protection uplift

- shared internet (one shared wireless system)

- shared heating/cooling systems (solar/air flow/water)



Repair, reuse, recycle are the three watchwords of sustainability,

and no other type of building project does this as effectively as

airspace developments in Sydney.

Existing buildings have new life breathed into them, with new roofs, upgraded communal areas, as well as improved energy efficiency and safety features. These benefits come with minimal disruption due to innovative construction techniques.


Buildings that might have fallen into disrepair or been demolished are given a cash injection that brings them back up to date. Building above existing blocks means that green spaces are kept for the enjoyment of communities.


Airspace developments in Sydney benefit from the latest materials and construction techniques. Off-site construction – where safety standards, energy efficiency and cost efficiency are all higher – is used for much of the build. There is less waste and increased focus on recycling waste when using off-site construction techniques under factory conditions.



Hi, I’m Warren Livesey, founder of Buy Airspace.


Airspace development is a growing trend that involves building new homes on top of existing blocks.


We work with strata owners to sell their airspace above their building to a developer to build new homes. They can use the proceeds to repair the building, provide sustainability upgrades, or split the money.


My company, Buy Airspace, is at the forefront of airspace development within Sydney, while I’m an industry leader:


  • I’ve been involved in over 75 property developments since 2008.

  • I’ve been featured in the media, including 7 News, The Australian, 2GB and Domain.

  • I founded the Association of Rooftop & Airspace Development.


Over the past 15 years, I’ve learnt that owners gain the most by tendering out their airspace in an open and transparent process to interested developers.


The developers then offer a price, and ideas on how to develop the airspace. If the owners accept the offer, the developers take the risk of getting approval. They also pay for the approval, legal, finance and project delivery costs.


With this method, the owners don’t have to contribute or take responsibility for airspace development.



Support Service


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